Gin Gin Golf Club

A Tour of the Course


9th and 18th Hole

Mens Tee

Ladies Tee

Commonly referred to as the channel hole, this hole follows the irrigation channel on the right for its entire length and has claimed many balls off the tee, also the 2nd shot and even wayward 3rd shots. The channel is played as a lateral hazard. The highest recorded score is 21 without penalties or lost balls.

The ideal tee shot is just to the right of the gum tree. There is plenty of fairway to land on here.

A miss hit can find the small dam in front of the ladies tee.

Unless you are a big hitter your second shot will be blind over the hill to the landing area on the flat

If your second is too far right the trees along the bank of the channel could impede your approach.

From the flat you play to large elevated green with a short to mid iron. A bunker on the left of the green is well hidden from your approach. This shot would generally be into the prevailing wind

And now that you have made this far the 19th Hole awaits.


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